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"Through teaching her techniques and mentoring her students Monica has changed the lives of countless people, not the least of which includes me.  I will be forever grateful and in her debt."  - Aran Dunlop, Entrepreneur & Millionaire
Entrepreneur & Multi-Millionaire
Monica Main
Here she is on the set of her recent PBS show shoot called The Main Way to Wealth
Monica Main Will Show You How You Can Build a Lifetime of Financial Freedom Through Her Powerful and Highly Profitable 100K in 100 Days Business...All Laid Out in Her Book!
"I learned how to create multi-million dollar businesses with only a few hundred dollars and just my kitchen table to work with. What I'm about to show you in my powerful 100K book is EXACTLY how you can duplicate my success with a specific type of tested-and-proven money-making strategy for consistent monthly profits simply by following my blueprint!  It's easy.  You just have to know how to do it and I will show you everything you need to know for a low price!!"
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This is page 49 of this incredible power-packed book, beginning to illustrated exactly how the initial process starts when beginning to build your business from scratch, starting with the type of business you'll choose from.  Yes, everything is covered in this book from beginning to end.  No stone is left unturned!  This is truly a game-changer!  As you get deeper into the book, it goes into much more detail about EXACTLY how to set up your business and EXACTLY what to do/sell to make the most money possible!

Inside This 100K in 100 Days Book & Bonus Package, You'll Discover...
  • Exactly HOW to Start Your Business FROM SCRATCH, Leaving No Small Single Detail Unattended, with Our Complete Success Blueprint
  • How to Figure Out What KIND of Business to Start, Including the BEST and Most Profitable Home-Based Businesses to Choose From
  • How to Name Your Business -- Yes, This is a CRITICAL Component Because If Done Incorrectly, You May Have to START OVER with a New Business Name Later On
  • The BEST and WORST Types of Businesses to Get Started In...And Why!
  • Where to Get the Money for Your New Business If You Need Capital and Don't Know Where to Turn
  • The 2/2 Strategy Where You Will Choose from ONE Type of Business and ONE Type of Marketing to Start...And Which is BEST!
  • Exactly HOW to Set Up Your Business -- Specifying EACH STEP -- and Why Each is Equally Important, Even the Smallest Steps (and This ISN'T Stuff Taught in Business School; Trust Me, I Have 2 College Degrees so I Should Know!)
  • Which Products Are the HOTTEST to Sell and Which Aren't So Hot Anymore
  • Which Online Marketing Strategy is the MOST PROFITABLE and Which Are a TOTAL Waste of Time and Money
  • How to Gain Access to Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Unsecured Business Credit...Just for the Asking; and It's ALL in How You Set Up Your Business from the Beginning!
  • How to Ramp Up Your Business Online and Start Seeing Cash Coming In RIGHT AWAY
  • The Quickest and Easiest Way to Set Up a Website...Including Using OUR CLONES That Are Already Set Up FOR YOU!
  • Why Most People Who Try to Start a Home-Based KTB (Kitchen Table Business) End Up Failing Within the First 30 Days and How to AVOID the "Failure Pitfalls"
  • How to Figure Out Your FFP (Financial Freedom Point) and EXACTLY How to Find Out Your "I Quit" Date (or the Day You Get to Quit Your Job)...Literally Down to the HOUR That You Get to Quit!
  • The Top 3 Best Ways to Sell Things Online and How to DOMINATE Those Markets As Fast As Possible
  • The NEWEST Ways of Marketing Online Including Using Facebook and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) in TODAY'S Online Marketing Age
  • The One Type of Product That Can Virtually Guarantee You Can Make $10,000 a Month in NET PROFITS...And How This Product Will SHOCK You
  • What to Do With the PROCEEDS of Your Cash Flowing Online Business and WHY It's Required that You Put Your Money in These Types of Assets
  • How Starting a Second Business -- Branching Off of Your First "Wheelhouse" Business -- Can Not Only Triple but Usually Ends Up QUADRUPLING Your Profits!
  • How to Create a Total "Auto-Pilot Business on Steroids" with This ONE LITTLE SECRET!
  • And Much, Much MORE!
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"Monica goes out of her way to give you all the resources and help you need because she really wants you to go out there and succeed!"  Shirley F.
"After being discouraged with many other opportunities and not being able to figure them out, I found that Monica's simple step-by-step approach gives me the confidence I need!" Dolly Q
"I've been a student of Monica's for many years and I've discovered so much about building wealth...and now I've discovered how to make money online with her newest strategies!"  LeeAnn D.
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Flipping is much harder than you think it is, especially when everybody is fighting over the last couple of bits of inventory left.  Why compete with a bunch of wannabe investors that were just released out of the latest rah-rah real estate seminar when you can discover how the Big Boys REALLY get rich in real estate??  (I know...doesn't make sense, does it?)
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